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Quinoa Pudding


3 C. cooked cooled quinoa
3 Tbsp tapioca starch or
¼ tsp Himalayan salt
¼ C. Tupelo honey
1 C. almond milk
1 C. coconut milk
2 Tbsp coconut oil
1 vanilla bean split
½ C pistachios
fresh fruit

Combine tapioca starch and Himalayan salt in small dish. In a separate bowl combine tupelo honey and ¼ cup almond milk. Add tapioca mixture to milk mixture. Bring remaining almond milk and coconut milk to a boil with split open vanilla bean. Simmer then remove bean. Add tapioca mixture, stirring frequently so it does not stick. Add cooked quinoa, coconut oil simmer on low for 20 minutes. Serve in dishes.

Calories 306, Fat 17.6g, Carbohydrates 32.9g, Protein 5.8g, Cholesterol 2 mg, Sodium 122 mg. Fiber 3.9g, Sugars 13.2g
Ingredients Vanilla Pudding
3 C. almond milk
1 vanilla bean split scraped
¼ C. Tupelo honey
Dash Himalayan salt
1 C. quinoa

Rinse quinoa thoroughly to remove any residual resins that might make the quinoa taste bitter. Mix almond milk, vanilla, honey, and salt in a saucepan and set on simmer. Add quinoa and cook for 30 minutes, stirring frequently (but not constantly). Once thickened, remove from heat and allow to cool. Serve warm, or refrigerate. Top with pistachios or fresh fruit if desired.

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